Welcome to the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE)

This website contains information for individuals interested in OIDE's efforts as well as information on how to file a report or a complaint. Please look around this website for information on our services and programs. There are fast access links for common areas of interest below.

Our Branches:

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE) is charged with ensuring that the Stony Brook University experience provides equal opportunity and is safe, welcoming and free from discrimination. OIDE serves the entire campus community, including Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Medicine, the Long Island State Veteran’s Home and Stony Brook Southampton. The populations we serve include, but are not limited to, Stony Brook’s world renowned faculty and medical staff; our undergraduate and graduate students, our professional, administrative and support staff; patients, visitors and guests. OIDE governs University-wide compliance with Stony Brook policy and state and federal laws that prohibit all forms of discriminatory behavior. We are fully committed to the prevention and elimination of all forms of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct.

As part of our efforts to ensure a safe, welcoming and accessible campus environment free from discrimination.

Equity creates an environment of excellence in which all individuals can participate to the full extent of their capabilities, realize their aspirations and best contribute to the standard of excellence that Stony Brook strives to represent.

Title IX is a federal law which prohibits gender discrimination, including all forms of sexual misconduct, in educational institutions that receive federal funds. OIDE serves to lead Stony Brook University’s gender discrimination prevention efforts as well as to investigate any allegations of gender discrimination and sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (OIDE) is the advocate for diversity awareness and the leading resource for diversity and cultural competency programming and training at the Stony Brook University.

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