Image for the story Taking Undergraduate Research to the Next Level

Taking Undergraduate Research to the Next Level

Stony Brook University undergraduates have excavated ruins in Iraq, traveled to the jungles of Madagascar and navigated the Atlantic collecting marine life — all in the name of science. These experiences are the result of a research-based curriculum that encourages innovation and the University’s focus on mentorship, which pairs undergraduate researchers as early as freshman year...

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Image for the story The Third Revolution in Medicine Charts a Virtual Course

The Third Revolution in Medicine Charts a Virtual Course

Arie Kaufman stepped inside the Reality Deck at the Center for Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology at Stony Brook University. Composed of 416 super-high-resolution screens that cover its 11-foot-tall walls, this spacious 30-by-40 foot immersive theater is operated by an 80-graphics-processor cluster that crunches the background data into billions of pixels. As the door...

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Image for the story Mentors Break Down Barriers

Mentors Break Down Barriers

High above the Hudson River at the Met Cloisters, America’s only museum dedicated exclusively to the art and architecture of the Middle Ages, Bella Gurevich ’17 explored the role of music in medieval art alongside senior curators. Finding inspiration among its gothic halls, gallery of tapestries, courtyards and more than 2,000 works of art, Gurevich...

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Image for the story The First Family of Paleoanthropology

The First Family of Paleoanthropology

We humans don’t know enough about our own family — our taxonomic family, that is, the hominids. We do know that we’ve been around a long time. Our genus Homo began to develop almost 3 million years ago. That’s long enough to learn how to walk on two legs, make tools out of stone to survive and part ways with...

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